Wooden houses

There are 5 double cabins for guests to stay in the camp. For a comfortable stay in the camp open gazebo, dining room, kitchen, toilet, bath, washing machine. Each guest house has electricity, beds with mattresses and a drying rack for equipment.

Hotel by boat

We invite you to take a trip on a comfortable boat! This is an ideal place for fishing trips. We suggest using several cabins in which you can relax, change clothes, take a shower and clean up yourself, for example, after active fishing. And what a pleasure, especially after a hot day, take a refreshing shower and relax on a soft bed! Staying in any cabin will provide all our guests with the most comfortable rest. You will not need to spend time and your own efforts for many hours moving to the hovercraft from the base to Turukhansk, where the airport is or Vice versa. Since the ship will take you there while you sleep.



Tent camp

A stationary tent camp with all necessary amenities is being built on the river. Double tents with bed, mattress, pillow, stove. There are tents without stoves. Toilet, bath, cabin-company, 

Every day are organized fishing trips on the hovercraft.

Wooden houses

Three meals a day: hot Breakfast and dinner in the camp, lunch on the route.
For cooking, only environmentally friendly products from the riches of the local taiga, as well as the harvest of local old believers are used. Sokhatina, venison, hog game, extracted by our Rangers, as well as freshly caught fish you make up the main menu, which is given raisins delicious mushrooms, wild plants and medicinal taiga herbs, which are added to the tea.


Trophy fishing: taimen, pike, grayling, perch, whitefish, lenok.
Venue: Krasnoyarsk Krai, Turukhansk, Severnaya river, Sukhaya Tunguska river, Fatyanikha, etc.
Fishing season: since June until the end of September.
Preference of booking of a tour: from two years.


The payment includes:

  • Duration — 9 days/8 nights;

  • A flight from Moscow - Turukhansk - tent base and back;

  • One night accommodation in Krasnoyarsk hotel;

  • All car transportations;

  • The number of participants — from 4 to 24 people;

  • Installation of the camp (saloon, tents, shower, fireplace);

  • Accommodation in a tent;

  • The tent bath;

  • Services of the guide;

  • Unlimited fishing time;

  • Safety measures on the route;

  • Nutrition;

  • The generator for equipment charging;

  • Implementation of the general management during the route;

  • Nice gifts to each participant;

  • The health insurance of each participant for the sum of 100 000 USD.

The payment doesn't include:

  • Alcohol and delicacies (participants can bring them, if it's necessary);

  • Fishing equipment (on demand).


Additional services:

  • Translation service;

  • Professional photographing - 1665 EUR (for a group);

  • Individual video filming from the quadcopter -  2500 EUR (for a group). There will be two options of video filming: the first is short (as in a presentation roller, only with your participation), and the second will include all shootings for the entire period;

  • Delivery by helicopter - the approximate cost of one hour of a flight is 2178 EUR.

Tour program:
1 day — Meeting at the Turukhansk airport, the next is a transfer by car right to the mooring (10 - 15 minutes), then changing to the air cushion and going to the camp (approximately 3 hours);
2 day — Fishing, Kosoy threshold of Severnaya river. Fishing, the mouth of Delingde river;
3 day — Fishing, Severnaya river, the mouth of Pashkino river;
4 day — Fishing, Severnaya river, "three streams";
5 day — Fishing, Severnaya river, Bolshoy threshold;
6 day — Fishing, Severnaya river (islands);
7 day — Fishing, Severnaya river, Bolshoy threshold;
8 day — The Transfer recreation camp - the Turukhansk airport - the Krasnoyarsk airport - Hotel in Krasnoyarsk

9 day — The Transfer Hotel in Krasnoyarsk - the Krasnoyarsk airport - the Moscow airport.

Full maintenance during the whole vacation.

* The tour program can be changed according to the instructors' decision in connection with the change of a water situation on the rivers.

** The organizers have the right to change, supplement the cost in the case of price changes in direct expenses (combustive and lubricating materials, tickets, etc.).


Recommendations on fishing equipment:
Waterproof rubber bag (large bag or backpack, be sure to waterproof), mosquito net, a mosquito-repellent spray, a sleeping bag, a warm jacket, a raincoat, moss green boots, second pair of shoes, sunglasses, a sports hat, gloves, a backpack or a traveling bag. All things have to be packed into plastic bags or sacks. It is necessary to have the individual first-aid kit taking into account features of the participant.


Recommended equipment:
Fly rod.

Each stick must be set up ideally for bait, fishing line, reel, leash, hooks, carbines, etc. We do not recommend taking one stick both on the Grayling and on the Taimen. You must have a stick tuned to grayling and another stick tuned for taimen!

Wobblers (different colors and sizes), spinners (preferably rotating, Blue Fox 3-4 perfect), mouse, flies (different colors and sizes), braided fishing line (up to 0.40 mm), also good double spinner in the shape of eight (Double). WE RECOMMEND YOU TO TAKE ALL THE DIFFERENT BAITS, DIFFERENT COLORS AND DIFFERENT SIZES FROM THE SMALLEST TO THE LARGEST.
Attention! The extreme weight of equipment on each participant is no more than 20 kg.


Tent camp

Cost of fishing trip:                    2850 EUR

Cost of the visa:                          90 EUR

The cost of all air tickets

 in Russia:                                  1000 EUR

Total price:                                 3940 EUR

The costs are per 1 person, for the years 2020-2021.

Wooden houses

Cost of fishing trip:                    4950 EUR

Cost of the visa:                          90 EUR

The cost of all air tickets

 in Russia:                                  1000 EUR

Total price:                                 6040 EUR

The costs are per 1 person, for the years 2020-2021.

Hotel by boat

Cost of fishing trip:                  6950 EUR

Cost of the visa:                        90 EUR

The cost of all air tickets

 in Russia:                                 1000 EUR

Total price:                                8040 EUR

The costs are per 1 person, for the years 2020-2021.


To make a reservation, write or call for free:


WhatsApp, Viber: +79994428727


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Tel., WhatsApp, Viber:

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